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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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The content in your data log on your phone is somewhat complex and varies depending on the software you have installed. With the File Identifier you will see the file types and determine which files are used to run different software.

The software is able to determine about 600 file formats and can extract the data used in these file types to give the user a full account of its properties. The data that File Identifier gathers on the individual components can also generate reports and relay them to the users.

The metadata files are saved to the database and as the reports are sent to the users email address from the File Identifierand are classified on the types while the extensions are shown. Various languages are supported and there are freeware versions available.

File identifier is a command line tool that permits identification of different files, as well as extracting the metadata associated with those files. Furthermore, the identification part of the software relies on a text database (similar to the UNIX magic file) that can easily be modified and extended.

Currently identifies about 600 file formats, and extracts metadata from about 30 major file formats including PDF, PNG, OLE (DOC), RIFF (AVI, WAVE), IFF (AIFF, ILBM), EXE, SGML (HTML), RTF, MP3, ASF (WMA, WMV), TIFF and JPEG.

Optionally the metadata can be saved to a database that is compatible with 4DOS/4NT Description files. The tool can also generate simple HTML reports that are configurable via CSS, as well as SFV Compatible CRC-32 integrity verification files.

File identifier also automatically detects embedded xmp metadata and maps all the extracted metadata to XMP schemas (including dublincore - ref. ISO 15836) for easy classification. Finally, the identified files are classified according to their MIME types, File format identifier (FFID) types and file extensions.

Extraction of metadata stored in multiple languages is also supported.

This is the freeware version. The professional version also supports saving reports to CSV files of all the extracted metadata.

System Requirements:

4 Mbytes of RAM.

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